Special Occasions-Sunshine Smiles

The Cottage Kitchen has had such a privilege over the past several weeks making special occasions a little “Sweeter” & “Brighter”. From catering a Beautiful Memorial Service for a Friend’s precious Father to Baking a Special Order Strawberry Shortcake for a Mom’s Birthday- From Making 1 Dz. Caramel Apples for The Employees of The Marc Train to Baking Muffins & Cupcakes for a Wedding and an 88th Birthday Celebration! A special order was filled for a “Welcome Home” celebration by a very special customer who wanted to make the purchase of their new home “Extra Sweet” with cupcakes that read “In This Together.” The very best part/ The most important part and the reason I do what I do is… Every Single Customer- Their Story- Their Celebration- Their Journey. Bringing a Sunshine-Smile through a Sweet Treat Treasure- That’s what The Cottage Kitchen loves to do!

I would love to Bake for you-
-Cater your next Event-
-Supply Your Display Needs & Help Deliver That Sunshine-Smile!

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  1. Laurie Wheeland says:

    Hi there 😊 Your website is beautiful and so inviting. I’m from PA and will be visiting Ranson in 2 weeks to visit my granddaughter who will be turning 6 so I’ve been thinking of trying to find something along the lines of baking with her somewhere for her to decorate cupcakes too,I hope I’m explaining my idea clearly and was wondering if you did anything like that or by chance know someone who did? Like a child friendly (only her) and 1-2 adults fun little bake session just something different to do.. If not,we still may stop in and let her pick some cupcakes out because they look amazing! Thank you for your time..


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