Small Town Tuesday

It’s Bake Day & “Small Town Tuesday” here at The Cottage Kitchen! On These Tuesdays, I love to reflect on The Goodness that can come from Life in a “Small” Town & highlight a Local “Small” Business to say “Thank you” for bringing your Time & Talents to our community! This week I was given the privilege of baking for a husband & wife who are new to the area and wanted some special “Sweet Treats” to celebrate their new home purchase! I have enjoyed conversing with Morganne and look forward to meeting her tomorrow! To make this story all the more Sweeter- as I made mention of this new family moving to the area to my friend, Cheryl Burns, she immediately says, “I’d Love for Two Crows to gift that to them as a house-warming present.” There is so much good and thoughtfulness in this community, and I’m so grateful to live here!

If you haven’t heard of or shopped at Two Crows Antique Mall- You are missing out on a Real Gem of a Business! Gift yourself a shopping experience like none other in this area and set a date to visit Ed and Cheryl Burns and The Two Crows Family at 1212 North Mildred Street in Ranson!
Here is a small description of The Mall:
Local Family owned and operated small business with strong ties to the community and surrounding area. Our unique mall is home to 60+ quality dealers. Clean, beautifully staged, quality merchandise offered by some of the most trusted, respected dealers.