Small Town Tuesday & a Boutique

It’s Small Town Tuesday here at The Cottage Kitchen! Planning and Preparing are in The Works for this week’s Bake Days and as I sit to write about “Living in a Small Town”, a smile so easily comes to me. Currently a spray of colored leaves blanket our yard, (again-and again-and again may I add), Multiple “walkers” have made their daily journey up and down our little side street, “Blakeley Place” and I am reminded what a Blessing it is to live here! while we continue to struggle together with Covid-19 and while we certainly may have varied degrees of “opinions and political ideals”…Living here in this little town brings such Joy- and It’s not hard to Find: Just this past week, as I was tiring from another afternoon of raking, our wonderful neighbor, Gary Chicchirichi calls across the street, “would you like me to bring my mower over there and use it to blow those leaves out of that yard” and an overwhelming task was conquered in a Blink. This weekend a dear member of our community went missing while walking her dog Saturday afternoon, and an immediate response, well into the wee hours of Sunday morning, in the dark, was the people of this community gathering together to search for Eileen and bring her home; we are grateful she indeed was found and safely returned home Monday morning.

Part of living in a small town is the concept “Shop Local/Support Small Businesses”. On Small Town Tuesdays, The Cottage Kitchen will Highlight a Small, Local Business and give them a Shout Out to help spread the word. Today, The Focus is on “Hope Makers Boutique“, an online retail boutique that supports worldwide organizations. Here is a small introduction from the Owner, Heather:

“I know it’s been quiet here for a few days but it’s been busy behind the scenes. Products are ordered and on their way! 📦Before the store officially launches and I get caught up in the joy of sharing all the exciting arrivals with you, I wanted to take a second to introduce myself. My name is Heather and I love all things related to travel 🌏, books 📚, and allergy friendly-baking 🧁. I’m planning a trip to Israel next October✈️, just finished the 6th Harry Potter ⚡️ (yes for the 1st time), and am currently attempting to master baking vegan French macarons🇫🇷. Outdoor walks and hiking are getting me through 2020 – anybody else? 🌞

I started my journey of shopping ethically a few years ago in response to what I have learned about human trafficking and modern-day slavery. And now I want to invite you to join me through Hope Makers Boutique!”

Thank you, Heather! We look forward to supporting you and your new small business endeavor! Please Click on Hope Makers Boutique to visit Heather’s Facebook page!