a Cottage Kitchen Christmas

This was The Cottage Kitchen’s very First Christmas as a Local/Small Business and what a Blessing of a Season it turned out to be! The Cottage’s Customers are so special- so supportive and generous & so thoughtful in their giving. Some of the most special orders were filled this Christmas: a Mom who lives in Washington State and couldn’t be on the east coast due to Covid-19 called and ordered specialty muffins for her daughter & co-workers; a Boss who wanted a little extra “sweet something” to go with the Christmas bonuses ordered variety boxes to surprise her employees; a Granddad ordered that “extra special” 1st Birthday/Christmas Cake for his princess granddaughter; a double layer chocolate/chocolate fudge Graduation Cake went out for a special celebration; Muffins and Cocoa Sticks and Double Decker Marshmallow Pops/Pretzel Rods and Dozens and Dozens of Christmas Cookies were given as gifts. We held our 1st annual “Cottage Kitchen Christmas” Event where Santa made a special appearance and local small business owners came together to provide unique extra special Christmas gifts. It has been a glorious Season of Baking and Making/ Giving and Receiving. Thank You to each and every one of you who made it so! Finally, Happy Birthday to Jesus- The reason for The season!