Small Town Tuesday

It’s Bake Day & Small Town Tuesday Here at The Cottage Kitchen!
I love living in This “Small Town”- I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived here my whole life and the people of this town are Definitely the “Foundation” of Who I am Today- I am grateful. Living in a small town means while I am baking, a knock comes at my door and my neighbor has a bag full of her “Tomato Bounty” to share with me! Living in a small town means a dear friend I went to school with and worked at good ole’ Long John Silver’s with “back in the day” might call me to make a “Surprise Cottage Kitchen Delivery” to her sister during her work day. Living in a small town means my neighbor texts me just to ask if “I need her to pick up anything from Petco for Josie”, since she was going! What a Blessing! Part of Living in a small town also means giving back- Every Tuesday, The Cottage Kitchen will Highlight a “Small-Local Business” and not only help get the word out but to also say “Thank You”!

Today, The Spotlight is on “Town & Country” Nursery run by Bob and Nancy Tabb. This place is especially dear to my heart because my own dad, Don Clendening, grew up on this Farm and worked there under the Tabb’s love and care many many years! Here is a small “about” written by The Tabbs:

“Town and Country Nursery was established in 1981 by Bob and Nancy Tabb as a nursery and landscape operation. In the last 7 years they have shifted their focus to growing produce on their 80 plus acre farm.” The address to The Nursery is 1885 Darke Ln Kearneysville, WV and you can find them on Facebook at Town & Country Nursery (@townandcountrywv). There’s lots of Fresh Produce out there to be enjoyed… Make your next stop The Tabb Farm!